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SportPsychology India

SportPsychology India


At Sport Psych India, Irina provides sport psychology consulting services to athletes of all disciplines, levels and age groups. Comprehensive and individualized mental training programs are designed for both individual athletes and teams.


About a Session

Sessions are in person and run for 60 minutes. Individual sessions are favored over group sessions as they prove to be more effective and can be tailored to the individuals needs.


The consulting process can be short-term and focused on a specific issue (a current slump, difficulty with concentration, injury/rehab) or more long term (during the off-season to plan and set goals for next season, work on performance routines, changing dysfunctional thought patterns).


For maximum retention of what is discussed in a session, clients are advised to carry a notebook to sessions for taking notes. After each session, assignments will be given to enhance the clients’ cognitive skills through practice.


Irina audiotapes all sessions for her professional records, and at times video-taping may be necessary. She does not provide a copy of the taped session to clients, instead encourages them to make notes. In cases where the client needs to improve their visualization techniques, Irina may create a guided visualization tape for the client to take home and practice with.



Cognitive Therapy

Irina uses Cognitive Therapy as her main theory of counseling, which is directed toward solving current problems and modifying dysfunctional thinking and behavior. Cognitive practitioners identify faulty thinking processes that produce faulty interpretations of reality, resulting in errors in reasoning. Conceptualizing the client in cognitive therapy involves a connection between automatic thoughts, intermediate beliefs and core beliefs. Most behavioral problems are seen to have a root cause embedded in the individual’s beliefs. Through cognitive therapy, dysfunctional thoughts and irrational beliefs are modified, thus leading to a change in behavior and emotion.


Irina abides by the AASP Code of Ethics and has all clients sign an informed consent form that promises the client confidentiality. Thismeans that Irina will not share the identities of clients or details of the consulting relationship, except in case the client discloses intent to harm themselves or others, or when she has the clients’ consent to do so. This form also outlines that in case of juniors (children under 18), parents will not participate in the consulting relationship. General information may be shared with the parents regarding the nature of the sessions.


The First Session

During the first meeting we'll talk in detail about your sport history and your reasons for contacting a Sport Psychology Consultant. During the initial session Irina will assess your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate your current mental skills. The main goal of the first session is to get a complete understanding of where you stand and what you need. An Individual Performance Plan is created and specific, measurable strategies are provided as part of the athlete's training program. Subsequent sessions evaluate the effectiveness of the skills and adjustments are made to the Individual Performance Plan as needed.


Working with Juniors

Sessions are usually one-on-one, however at times collaboration of coaches and family members is included when appropriate. In the case of juniors (below 18), parents may join for the first session to contribute information related to the child’s performance. However, parents are not encouraged to participate in sessions beyond the first session as it impairs the consulting relationship.


Working with Teams

Irina also assists groups and teams with Mental Skills Training to help them perform to their potential. In addition to mastering the mental aspects of individual performance, Mental Skills Coaching for teams focuses on building team cohesion, improving communication, creating team commitment, and clarifying team goals. Just like individual coaching, the Mental Skills Training program is tailored to your team's specific needs and goals and is both pro-active and preventative. From regularly scheduled meetings to team building camps, Irina will create the ideal Mental Skills Training program to fit the needs of your team.






Long Distance Consulting

Given the typically hectic schedules of professional and amateur athletes, Irina offers phone/Skype consultations to individuals who are unable to visit. Irina believes that it is ultimately very important for individuals to meet face-to-face, however ongoing and regularly scheduled phone/video consultations prove useful to athletes who travel often.



The charges for individual sessions are Rs 3000/- per hour. For charges regarding team sessions, please contact Irina here. Clients are advised to arrive for sessions on time, as any delay will only reduce the consulting time of the session.