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SportPsychology India

SportPsychology India



Disciplined athletes devote time and energy to the physical and technical demands of their sport (strength training, cardio conditioning, tactical planning, training logs, nutrition plans). But most athletes miss a critical component in their training regimen - the psychological skills and techniques required for successful performance. The body may be strong and ready to compete, but if the mind is unconditioned, peak performance will not be achieved consistently.


Mental toughness, like physical conditioning, is achieved through a systematic and consistent practice of specific skills and strategies. The confident, relaxed, focused athlete is more likely to execute at an optimal level come show time.


Sport Psych India provides sport psychology consulting services to athletes of all disciplines, levels, and age groups. Comprehensive mental training programs are designed for individuals, teams and clubs. Many of the tools and techniques that are used with athletes are effective with others who must perform under pressure, such as musicians, performing artists, and executives.


Sport Psych India has been set up by Irina Singh (formerly Irina Brar), who brings Applied Sport Psychology to Indian athletes for the first time. Irina moved back from the U.S. to make sport psychology available to Indian athletes, which is something she missed during her competitive days as a golfer.





Irina dominated women’s golf in India and was India’s No. 1 Lady Golfer from 1999-2002 and 2004-2006. She had to take a 2 year break from golf from 2002-2004 due to back injuries, which forced her to quit the game professionally in 2008. She was India’s No 1 Professional Golfer in 2007, and represented India at the Women’s World Cup of Golf in 2008.


Sport Psych India is based in Chandigarh, 250 kms north of India’s capital New Delhi. For individual, group and team consultations, Irina can travel within India to provide sport psychology consulting services. Irina also does individual mentoring of sport psychology professionals by appointment as well as via telephone and Internet.

At Sport Psych India, Irina brings together her experience of having been a top professional athlete herself, with the knowledge of dual degrees and international certification in sport psychology. Her experience as an athlete and her background as a Sport Psychologist provide her with the perfect combination of knowledge and ability to help excellence-seeking individuals realize their potential.

Irina’s qualifications:

  • Irina is the only AASP Certified Consultant in India, and the 2nd AASP Certified Consultant in Asia - 2011 onwards
  • M.A. Sport Psychology, Arizona School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Phoenix, U.S.A. 2008-2010
  • M.A. Psychology (specialization in Sport Psychology and Applied Counseling) , Panjab University 2005-2007
  • B.A. Psychology Honors, Panjab University 2003-2005
  • She has over 1000 hours of supervised internship working with individual athletes and teams in U.S.A. 2009-2010
  • She has advanced training in Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis (120 hours of training) 2009
  • She is a member of the AASP International Relations Committee 2012-2013